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Speed Boat Racing Sport

Yes, I can hear the environmentalists wailing and caring on already, and we haven’t even gotten there yet. That is to say I can see environmentalists being quite upset that people will build speedboats, and do sport boating on the oceans of other planets and their moons. Surely, in the future there will be humans with colonies on other celestial bodies, other than this current pale blue dot that they reside.

With giant oceans, like the ones we have on Earth, you can bet that humans will be floating boats and vessels on top of this water. And not just water oceans, but also oceans made of other liquids. If the planet is warm, those oceans will remain liquid, rather than become frozen. If you’ve ever been to any of the great jet boat races in the United States such as those in Marble Falls, TX and Lewiston, ID then you realize what an incredible sport it really is.

It will be hard for humans to resist their need for speed, and their love of water on any planet they travel to. Will this disrupt the environment on those celestial bodies? Will it bother the species that already live there? Will it change the dynamics of the water, algae growth, bacteria, and other organisms? It may indeed, and that is something you will have to think about.

Facts About Boating Sports

Most people of the United States would never have heard of this unless they are of the Asian decent. So if you are Asian then you might know about dragon boating.

The dragon boat is narrow, long and powered by manual strokes. It is used in paddling sports that long before originated in China. Some people mistake dragon boating as a pre-cursor to the Ivy League teams. During racing events these boats are normally decorated with heads and tails of dragons as part of the Chinese tradition. A huge drum is taken along onboard so that the oarsmen move together efficiently.

Races in dragon boats are traditional and is performed to commemorate Qu Yuan?s death as he was a true patriotic poet. This day is the one sport event that gets declared as public holiday. The calendar in Chinese has just 18 common paddlers. Dragon boats vary in their lengths and crew sizes.

The person who does the drumming in the dragon ship is the vital link. He has the responsibility of leading the entire team through the course of the race with beats that are rhythmic and in tune with the paddle strokes. He can also pick up or make mellow the pace as it is required. The normal thing done is matching the beats with the actual movement of the oarsmen.

The new age dragon boating is being conducted at the global level by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF). This federation identifies 2 types on the dragon boating activities, they are festival racing and sport racing. The former is more in line with the original dragon boating.

The long endurance events like the Ord River marathon held in Australia that covers around fifty kilometers or the Green Dam Rally that is situated in China along the Yangtze river and covers around 100 kilometers, both these events are supported by IDBF.

In the present day the dragon boating has been listed as among the fast growing water sport where thousands and thousands of people participate and that has organizations and clubs world over in sixty countries. This sport is known for the friendship endurance and strength that the participants have in them. This sport has grown in its popularity as a charitable and corporate sport.

Recreational Luxury Fishing Boats

Luxury sport fishing boats are designed to fulfill two purposes. First they are designed to make traveling on the high seas a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Second, they are supposed to help their captain locate, catch and haul in sport fish safely. Most luxury crafts will come with many clever technologies and design concepts that make it easier and more enjoyable to catch big ocean fish. Some of these luxury vessels are intended for private use while others belong to commercial sport fishermen who get paid to take guests out fishing. Other types are used by professional sport fishermen who compete in tournaments or hunt sport fish for a living. Here is a rundown of some of the different kinds that are available.

These special fish hunting crafts come in a wide array and lengths and sizes, including some that are small, medium and large in size. Recreational style boats are probably the most popular types cruising the waters today. Recreational vessels are typically less than 70 feet in length but most are larger than 25 feet. Many will come with sleeping cabins so they can be used for overnight fishing excursions. They come with plenty of fish finding and navigation technologies, but these types of boats are typically used for recreational purposes, rather than as commercial sport fishing vessels or by professional sport fishermen. Powerful engines, usually on-board styles, a few dozen rod holders, fish nets and comfortable seating arrangements are all features that are typically found on recreational luxury boats.

Competition Sport Boats

These boats are typically used by professional sport fishermen who compete in a number of competitions each year. These serious boats are usually owned by very successful competition sport fishermen. These boats are specifically designed to travel long distances quickly and to bring in large amounts of fish. Competition sport fishing boats may be able to travel as fast as 30 miles an hour and typically use lower amounts of fuel. They are probably going to be made of fiberglass because they are supposed to be strong. They will also most likely have the very best on-board navigation and fish finding technologies available. They are designed to carry a very high level of fishing equipment, such as outriggers, sport fishing deck chairs and fancy fishing rods.

Luxury Commercial

Very few commercial fishing boats could fit into the luxury class, but there are some that do. Often these types of luxury boats will be used by professional sport fishermen who get paid to take customers out to sea to catch really big fish. These boats will have many of same navigational, fish finding and emergency technologies on-board, although they might not be as expensive or high tech as what you would find on a competition sport fishing boat. In addition to fishing equipment, luxury commercial crafts are designed to be comfortable and inviting to their on-board guests.